April Glaser-Hinder



April Glaser-Hinder CV

1967-71East Sydney Technical College. (Now National Arts School Sydney Australia)
1971Awarded the Associate Diploma from Sydney Technical College for Sculpture.
1972-73Teacher of Art at Loreto Convent Sydney.
1975Diploma of Education at Sydney Teachers College.
Teacher of Art for the Department of Education.
1970-76Randwick Technical College, Sydney.
Ultimo Technical College, Sydney. (wood, metal, spray painting workshop)
1976Left Australia to live in Switzerland
2006Return to Australia

Solo Exhibitions

2002Mysterium Crucis, Bronzes: 1992-2001
Australian Catholic University, National Gallery Australia
2000Mysterium Crucis, Basilica di San Francesco, Ravenna Italy
1995Installations out of steel and Paintings, Kultur Kommision, Gemeindesaal Gebenstorf, Switzerland
1991Steel Sculptures, Bloomfield Galleries, Sydney, Australia
1989Sculptures 1987-1988, Stadtische Galerie im Amtshimmel Baden, Switzerland
1986Ausstellung April Glaser-Hinder, The Circle Metal Sculptures Stadtische Galerie im Edwin Scharff Haus, Neu-Ulm, Germany
1985Paintings, Galerie im Trudelhaus, Baden, Switzerland
1983Grey paintings, Painters Gallery, Sydney, Australia Works 1978-1983, Irving Sculpture Gallery, Sydney, Australia
1981Sculpture and Related Paintings, (form and colour), Galerie Steinfels Zurich, Switzerland
1977Steel Ribbon Sculptures, Gallery A, Sydney, Australia

Group Exhibitions

2006“To be abstract….” Exhibition, Wagga Wagga Regional Art Gallery
2004“The State of Art: Peace”, Travelling Regional Art Galleries Exhibition
1998XIII Biennale Internazionale Denesca, Ravenna, Italy
19964th International Sculpture Drawing Biennale, Budapest, Hungary
1993Climates 1993, L’éte des parcs de Geneve , Geneva, Switerland
1992Sculpture Park Exhibition, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
1989Eisen 1989, Perspective Schweizer Eisenplastik 1934-1989 Dietikon, Switzerland
1982Sculpture, Irving Sculpture Gallery, Sydney, Australia
1981Sculpture, Irving Sculpture Gallery, Sydney, Australia
1979Sculpture, Gallerie Trudelhaus, Baden, Switzerland
1973Blake Prize Exhibition 1971, 1972 and 1973, Sydney, Australia

Photography – Films – Poems

2005Notes Through the Night
Mr Portrait
Photos of Drawings, Paintings, Sculpture, Poems and Music
2000Book of Poems: “Sequi la Verita del tuo Cuare”, (“Follow the truth of your heart”)
Translation in Italian from English and German poems
1998Book of poems: “Briefe an einen Unbekannten”, (English/German) (“Waiting for You in Sun Yellow”)
“Briefe an einen Unbekannten”, Recorded on CD
1997International Prize for Poetry, “Mons Aegrotorum”, Citta di Monte Grotto Terme, Italy.
1995-97Photographic Series, “The River”, Video Wettingen Spinnerei, Switzerland
1994Book of Poems, “Waiting for You in Sun Yellow” (English/German). Belongs to “Corner of a room after 2000” installation.
1993Video – Kunst, “The River”, Kunstraum , Aarau, Switzerland
1990Project (Part 1): Path “Man-Nature-Objects” (English/German)
1988“International du Film et de la Video Open”, Chavannes/Rennes, Switzerland
“On the Way-River-Stream-Winter” (Poem/Film-German)
Prize for documentation and reportage
1987Slide record 1984-1986
Photographic Documentation 1984-1986
“On My Street” (Films/Photos/Poems), German
1986-87“On the Way”
River-Stream- Autumn-Stream-Winter” (Film/Poem)
1986“End of a Tree”(Photo/Poem Series)
1985Photo Exhibition – “How I See the Italians”
( “1985 Photo Exhibition – “How I See the Italians”
( “Concorso del Punto d’Incontro”)
Wettingen, Switzerland 7
1984“Festival International du Super 8 et de la Video Professionelle et Non-professionselle”, Lausanne, Switzerland,
“Letters to a Stranger” (Poem/Film-German)
“Boomerang Stein” (Film/Photo/Poem Series)
1983Photographic Documentation – Slide Record 1966-1983
1982-83“Stein im Baum” (Film/Photo Series)
1981“Series of Time – between 2pm and 4pm” – Documention: (Film/Photo Series) (area: Wettingen Abbey)
1980“Poesie-Telefon”, (German) – (“Dial-a-Poem”)
Five poems recorded for the City of Zurich
“Herbst” (“November”) (Poetry-German)
1979“Letter Poem” (Collection of short poems)
“The End of a Railway” (Documentation about a found object)
1978“Drawings-Photos-Words” (Work Book)
1976“Today is My Tomorrow” (Video, Music by John Sullivan)
1974Poems (Education Journal) Teachers Federation,
Vol 55, No. 15, September, 1974, and
Vol 56, No. 17 October, 1974


Australian Catholic Universities Art Collections, Brisbane Queensland, Melbourne Victoria, Sydney N.S.W.
Ulmer Museum, Ulm, Germany.
Neu-Ulm, Germany, Stadt Sammlung.
Lewers Bequest, Penrith Regional Art Gallery, Australia.
Loreto Convent, Sydney, Australia.
Macquarie University Sculpture Park, Sydney, Australia.
Newcastle Regional Art Gallery, Newcastle, Australia.
Private Collection, Dr.Hans Koenig, Zurich, Switzerland.
Stadtische Galerie im Lembachhaus, Munchen, Germany.
Swiss Volksbank, Zurich, Switzerland.
Transfield Collection, Sydney, Australia.
Australian Government Solicitors’ Melbourne Collection, Melbourne, Australia.
University of Western Sydney Art Collection, Camden, Australia.
Wagga Wagga Regional Art Gallery, Wagga Wagga, Australia.


2002Mysterium Crucis
The National Australian Catholic University Art Gallery
Strathfield Catalogue of Works
“A Personal Appreciation of the Bronzes of April Glaser-Hinder” Harry Nicolson
2000Mysterium Crucis
Santuario SS Crocifisso – Laurentini, Italy Exhibition
Mysterium Crucis
Basilica di San Francesco, Ravenna Italy
“Per Cucem ad Lucem”, Professor Giorgio Segato, Padua, Italy
“Ein Pladoyer fur die Letzte Wahrheit des Kunstlers” (“A Plea for the Artist’s Ultimate Truth”), Uni. Prof Dr Dr Karel Macha, Munchen Germany
1998Metal Work Bravura
Craft Arts International, Vol. 43, 1998, Harry Nicolson
1998XIII Biennale Internazionale Danesca, Ravenna, Italy
“Dante il Primo Premio della Biennale Dantesca” Premiato Glaser
Risveq is 2000 16.5.1998
La conseqna die Premiper ,Bronzetti Danteschi ha vinta April Glaser
1989Schweizer Institut fur Kunstwissenschaft (Directory of Swiss Artists)
Eisen 89 Perspektiven Schweizer Eisenplastik 1934-1989, John Materson
1986“Introduction to the Exhibition” Edwin Scharff Haus, New-Ulm, Germany
Dr Bauerle, Ulmer Museum, Ulm, Germany
1984Craft Australian Year Book 1984, “Metal sculpture”, Mrs Celia Winter-Irving Dual Exhibition – April Glaser-Hinder Michael Buzacott, Art & Australia
Winter, 1984 Vol. 21/4, Harry Nicolson
1980Australian Sculpture, Ken Scarlett
1979Artists and Galleries of Australia and New Zealand, Sydney 1979, Max Germain
1977Art International: “Steel Ribbon Sculptor” Vol. XXI No. 4, July-August 1977 Harry Nicolson
1976Architecture in Australia, “New Directions in Australian Sculpture” Vol. 65, No. 4, August-September, 1976, Harry Nicolson


1998First Prize, Xlll Biennale Internazionale Dantesca, Ravenna, Italy.
“La porta per la citta di Dante: Paradiso”
Ravenna-Chiostri Francescani
1997International Prize for Poetry, “Mons Aeqsotorum”, citta di Monte Grotto Terme, Italy
1988First Prize for Documentation and Reportage, International du Film et de la Video open
Chavannes Rennes Switzerland
“On the Way-River-Stream-Winter” (Poem/Film-German)
1985First Prize – Photo Exhibition, “How I See the Italians”, Awarded by the Embassy of Italy, Bern
First prize, Awarded by the Consulate of Italy, Wettingen,
at the “Concorso del Punto d’Incontro, Wettingen, Switzerland