Penny Jacobs



I paint in oils on canvas and screenboard, in a style that I would describe as a rural, domestic genre; interiors, still life, and landscape as viewed from the threshold.

My major concerns when painting are initially, the composition; to construct an image where every space is considered and working toward the success of the whole, and secondly, colour; every colour must itself be beautiful and be next to colours which enhance its beauty. The subject matter is of secondary importance because the painting is essentially about paint.

In this I have been influenced by Matisse, the post Impressionists and the concepts they espoused; draughtsmanship, a disregard for traditional perspective, the harmony of colour, and the creation of an independent reality on canvas.

Other influences have been Margaret Preston ‘s paintings and prints of Australian flora, Aboriginal painters with their strong sense of design and belonging ,and perhaps strangely, the Venetian watercolourists of the 18th century who perfected the technique of underpainting in a dark colour to add luminosity and depth to their painting.

In this collection I have introduced Gold as a design element in many of the works…slightly Medieval, and as a celebration of the precious aspect of what we choose to look at. Penny Jacobs 2008