Stephanie Corkhill Hyles



Stephanie’s energetic art emphasises the importance of the spirit and mind over conventional forms and shapes. Through eliminating unnecessary detail and conventional appearances she uses mixed media to create works that are imbued with emotion, colour, attitude and vivacity. Stephanie strives to capture the feeling and excitement of a moment or idea; not to shield away from representation, but rather to explore the essence of a thing or concept. This is achieved through distortions of size and scale and playing with decorative design, rich colours and poetic detail.

Stephanie’s spirit like figures are abundant with life and vigour, emanating with beauty and artistic creativity. Unconstrained by the actual colour of her subject matter she paints to her own palette, often simplifying her subjects into expressive, vivid forms. Crossing a variety of media, Stephanie uses collage, acrylic, oil, shellac and anything else that flies onto the canvas! Applying a combination of media gives Stephanie’s work both two and three dimensionality and she takes great pleasure in mixing materials from mass print to second or third hand imagery.

This body of work includes her more noted dynamic textural images along with very pure and humorous etchings; highlighting Stephanie’s diversity and skill with different mediums.

“Art has been with me through lots of changes in my life. I absolutely love it! I love the fact that it evolves each time I do a new show – it proves that I have matured in my work and that like life it is forever changing and brings new ideas, light and love to each piece. I also love how the pregnancy hormones kick in and some bizarre pieces come out and that they depict huge amounts of energy.

This exhibition is especially special to me as I have 5-month-old twins and it has been a challenge to bring this show together but it has also been my therapy through the pregnancy and the early days of Monte and Maurie. I hope you enjoy my pieces as much as I have had creating them.”
Stephanie Corkhill Hyles 2007

Over the last four years Stephanie has illustrated and self published with her business partner, Danette Watson, 25 Ways to Awaken Your Birth Power and 25 Ways to Joy and Inner Peace for Mothers.

Stephanie lives with her husband, Richard Hyles on a property with her four children Archie, Beatrix and five-month-old twins Monte and Maurie.

Selected Biography

1994-97Awarded Bachelor of Art Education, UNSW, COFA, Paddington.
Exhibitions and other work
2007Exhibition: Annabel Wallace Gallery, Murringo, NSW
Exhibition: Paper Dolls Art Group, Yass, NSW
Exhibition: Jugiong Art Show, NSW
2006Exhibition: Boorowa Young Artists
Exhibition: St Augustine’s, Yass NSW
Exhibition: Café 60, Yass NSW – Paper Dolls Art Group
Illustrated and self published “25 Ways To Joy and Inner Peace for Mothers” with Danette Watson
Reprint of “25 ways to Awaken Your Birth Power”
Designed logo for Australian College of Midwifes, ACT conference
Teaching – Casual, Yass NSW
2005Exhibition: Jugiong, NSW
Illustrated children’s book
Teaching: Casual, Yass NSW
2004Exhibition: Boorowa Young Artists, “In The Raw”
Exhibition: Paper Dolls Art Group, Yass NSW
Teaching: Casual, Yass NSW
Illustrated and self published “25 Ways to Awaken Your Birth Power” with Danette Watson
2003Exhibition: Solo – Goondiwindi, Qld
Exhibition: Solo – Kingsford, Sydney, NSW
Teaching: Casual, Yass NSW
2002Exhibition: Solo – eg Gallery, Yass
Exhibition: Young Artists, Boorowa, NSW
Exhibition: Group Show, Bungendore, NSW
Continually showing (2002-2007) at Galutzi’s Café, Yass
Paper Dolls Art Group established
Teaching: Casual, Yass NSW
2001Exhibition: Harden Art Show, NSW
Exhibition: St John’s, Boorowa NSW
Teaching: Casual, Yass NSW
2000Exhibition: Boorowa Young Artists, Boorowa, NSW
Exhibition: Solo – Redfern, Sydney, NSW
Teaching: Casual, Yass NSW
2006First Prize, Yass Show, Contemporary Section
2007Encouragement Award, Yass Show, NSW
2004 – 2007Marketing and promoting our books for pregnant women and new mothers (parenting expos, yoga retreats, Midwifery conferences)