Tanya Garside



21 July – 31 August 2007

After Graduating from ANU School of Art Tanya moved to Sydney where she continues to explore painting using the internet as her main source of material. Tanya’s current work explores images that are posted on You Tube and other internet sites where people want to share their experiences.

The speed at which culture is reinventing itself through technology seems almost preternatural. Via the internet we can view an image and be told a story on any topic from anywhere in the world. It is this process from which Tanya sources her material. Tanya’s atmospheric paintings are inspired by digital images and this greatly affects her painting style and method. A painting might begin with a blurred photograph, or a blown up web image and it is from this point where she begins her own personal understanding and interpretation of someone else’s story.

Facilitating You Tube Tanya connects with other people’s experiences and through this connection a mosaic of multiple relationships is created, none of them wholly fixed. Responding to these stories Tanya recreates her own interpretation of what she sees and through this process she enters a dialogue – a visual dialogue. Possessing a very hazy and misty quality Tanya’s work leaves us uncertain as to the time of day and it is through a lack of clarity and what she leaves out that gives her paintings their strength and appeal.

The internet’s power to communicate globally is an extraordinary tool; a tool which Tanya constantly exploits. Any sight is a sum of different glimpses and so our reality of that includes the painter’s efforts to perceive it; therefore the viewer and the image are part of the same territory. Reality, is in short, interaction. This new way of seeing and experiencing is pivotal to our human consciousness.


2004-2006BA Visual, ANU School of Art
2003Certificate IV Fine Arts, Western Sydney TAFE
2002Skills and Practices in Fine Arts, Western Sydney TAFE
1986Art and Design Practices, Townsville TAFE


2007Annabel Wallace Gallery
Douglas Gap Rd, Murringo, NSW
2006ANU Graduate Exhibition
ANU School of Art Gallery, ACT
Amnesty International Exhibition
The Front Gallery, Lyneham, ACT
2005ANU Art School Drawing Prize
ANU School of Art Foyer Gallery, ACT
2003Student Exhibition, May and August
Western Sydney TAFE, Penrith NSW
Mini 3D Student and Teacher Exhibition
Western Sydney TAFE, Penrith NSW


2006ANU EASS Patrons Award